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Pain relief. Turning Impossible to I'M POSSIBLE!

Feeling Fatigue, High Stress, and Tension?

Restless... or just getting unfit due to aging?


In the Eastern philosophy, any blockages in the energy flow of the 12 meridian points will affect the natural energy flow within the body. Hence preventing our vital organs the opportunity to maintain at its optimum level. 

Over time this energetic blockages can begin to create a disconnect between the physical and energetic body leading to the occurrence of illness or disease in organs surrounding the blockage.

By removing blockages, we are able to maintain our optimum connection to vital life force throughout our entire physical and energetic body.

Grounded Functional Performance

Focus Your Energy, Stay Empowered, Be GROUNDED!

All you need to do is just put it on! That's simple, isn't it?

Yes! Just wear it or simply place it close to the body. 

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Application :

Place directly at the acupuncture point or Ashi point.

Example as below :

Hegu Acupoint (合谷穴)

Hegu Point


Taixi Acupoint (太溪穴)

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